Top Tips For An Effective Warehouse Relocation

A warehouse relocation is a huge undertaking; the equipment, machinery and stock contained within them is all likely to be huge, or stored in huge amounts and this increases the odds of things going awry if proper care, planning and management is not cared out and practised.

Then, to ensure your warehouse relocation avoids some of the many pitfalls involved in moving, here are five top tips.

Re-asses Your Current Way of DoingThings

Relocating to a new warehouse provides an ideal reason and the perfect situation in which to fully evaluate your current way of doing things, and as well address any ways the layout of your previous warehouse perhaps negatively impacted on productivity.

From tweaking your current set-up and the way your warehouse team operate to starting afresh and from scratch with a whole new layout and even system, the scope to improve your warehouse operation is potentially huge and could effectively improve your business.

Hence, do not fail to take the opportunity. Instead, head over to and give their article: , a read before finalising on your current and new warehouse set up.

Get to Grips with Your Inventory

It is likely that your inventory, especially if you have been in your current premises for a number of years or even decades features a number of obsolete stocks. Now is the time to get rid of all of that obsolete stock.

Going through your inventory with a fine tooth comb when normally operating might seem a potentially costly and time consuming effort, but doing so during a relocation, after all, is likely to save you money as it will prevent you from moving obsolete stock that can instead be gotten rid of.

It is also a good time to assess the condition of you stock, both ahead of moving it and after it has been moved. It is likely that a portion of your stock maybe damaged before it is relocated. Then, you can decide whether this stock is salvageable and assess the level of the damage to determine whether to take it with you. Meanwhile, doing this will also enable you to fully assess and keep aclose eye on any and how much stock is damaged, if any, during the relocation process.

Keep an Eye Out for Thieves and Opportunist Pilferers

One of the major annoyances when relocating an entire warehouse full of stock, equipment, machinery and tools is that this provides the perfect opportunity for thieves to strike. This risk is due in part to the fact that a warehouse relocation is likely to mean that a number of people who otherwise are not usually involved with your business suddenly are, and are suddenly responsible for moving and taking responsibility for items that belong to your business.

For this reason, it is of paramount importance to keep an eye on everything being moved including knowing when it is moved and by whom. Making it clear to all involved in the move that you are doing this and have your eye on the ball, so to speak, will also go a long way in minimising the amount of things you stand to lose in the move.

Further, ensure to stretch wrap all pallets ahead of allowing them to be moved and mark each one to keep a track of when it leaves so you know when to expect it to arrive in your new location and can more easily track its journey, should it or any part of it go missing in transit.

More generally and to ensure you are able to be as organised as possible and so give opportunist pilferers less chance of striking, it is also worthwhile keeping a relocation checklist. To learn how to go about doing this and what a checklist should include, head over to which features the brilliantly handy article: .

Safeguard Your Business, Staff andStock

Last tip to make this list, but one which should come top of your agenda is safety.

During a warehouse relocation the likelihood is that there are going to be a lot of your staff fulfilling roles and jobs that are not their usual or everyday roles and jobs. Further, all about the people fulfilling these new and temporary roles are likely to be others attempting to do exactly the same. It is also likely that simultaneously a lot of heavy and dangerous machinery, tools andequipment as well as large volumes of stock is going to be moving about. Hence,it is of paramount importance, ahead of beginning this process to first and foremost deal with how you are going to get the job done safely.

Further, it is not only the safety of your equipment, stock and staff that is at stakeduring a warehouse relocation; as laid bare by expert warehouse fit-out specialists, via their article: , there is a myriad of things that can go wrong when re-fitting or relocating a warehouse set up.

Then, and because there are so many areas of safety that need addressing in any warehouse project, calling expert warehouse fit-out experts is the almost always the best way to ensure that you do not overlook or fail to address the multitude of safety issues involved in any warehouse project. After all, and suffice to say the failure to address issues of safety does not just result in financial loss but can at worst result in human casualties and even fatalities.

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