The Top Five Search Engines Used in Great Britain

Searching for information online has become a daily part of life for people across the United Kingdom. In fact, we might be surprised if "Google it" wasn't uttered by the general public on an everyday basis. With this in mind, it's more important than ever that online businesses possess a Search Engine Friendly (SEF) website.

You might be surprised to learn to that Google isn't the only search engine used by Brits. Although they hold the bulk of the market, there are some new (and old) competitors who are nipping at their heels. Therewith in mind, here are the most popular five search engines utilised by Brits:

5. MSN
This one appears like cheating, but Microsoft directs 0.04% of UK search queries to Bing through their classic MSN homepage.

Many will definitely remember when MSN was the homepage on nearly every home PC or laptop. Yet today, old habits die hard for some.

4. DuckDuckGo
Privacy-focused dark horse DuckDuckGo continues to be relatively unaccustomed to the search engine game; especially when compared to the others on this list. However, that has not stopped them from carving out a growing portion of British search engine users; they hold a 0.78% market share.

Privacy is on the minds of the many people within the United Kingdom; perhaps a touch more so than the remainder of the planet, as DuckDuckGo doesn't appear within the top five global search engines the least bit.

3. Yahoo
90s favourite Yahoo is less of a player within the search engine game than they once were, but they managed to cling on to a 2.12% share of UK searchers. This is a bit less than the 2.83% they hold globally.

Yahoo search has been around for 25 years now and despite what appears to be a tiny, low market share, they're still the world's fourth most favoured search engine.

2. Bing
The Microsoft underdog holds an admirable 8.82% of the UK search engine market. It seems that Brits are a bit more a fan of Bing than the remainder of the globe, because the search engine features a smaller 5.53% market share worldwide.

Considering how popular Bing is in Great Britain, it makes lots of sense to consider them when developing a SEF website.

1. Google
Google receives an astonishing 87.5% of search engine traffic in the United Kingdom, but the likelihood is you aren't surprised to read this. After all, you don't reach a trillion-dollar market cap without doing something right.

Because Google drives such a high percentage of searches within the UK it's with certainty the foremost important search engine to think about if you run an online business. If you would like a search engine friendly website, you're basically saying that you simply need a Google-friendly website.


Aside from Google, each of these search engines have their own little niches within the UK market. We don't think anyone will be shocked to read that Google is that the clear winner in terms of volume, but they're each important in their own little ways.

The exact market share data of these search engines obviously varies from month to month. The figures in this article are from data collected during January 2020.

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