The Fastest Route to Online Payments

Having your own website should certainly be an ambition for any business owner, although it's not necessarily the most urgent priority, particularly in the early stages of your business.

Nevertheless, you do need a way of accepting electronic payments, to give your business that sheen of professionalism which is so important to winning new customers.

A lack of online payment options will put off potential customers, and asking them to pay via bank transfers or PayPal can be too much hassle for consumers and businesses alike.

But payment technologies are constantly evolving, and one of the most exciting new methods is via a secure link. Services such as Pay by Link enable the business owner to generate a unique link that they can embed in an email or document, providing a simple and professional-looking way of requesting and receiving payments.

The reason why these services have a much better success rate than traditional invoices or payment demands is that they make life simple: the recipient doesn't have to log on to their Internet banking or pick up the phone - they simply click the link which takes them through to a secure payment page where they can make the payment within seconds.

Quick, easy and cheap to set up, it's a great way for businesses to start selling online without the rigmarole and expense of setting up a dedicated online shop. So have a look at the available options - you could be selling online sooner than you Listings&utm_medium=Content&utm_campaign=Pay By Link Campaign 2017 "> Listings&utm_medium=Content&utm_campaign=Pay By Link Campaign 2017 Frost, CMO Worldpay


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