The ABC of Changing Accountants

There are many reasons to change accountants. For example, you might need a firm better equipped for your growth. Or perhaps you want a fresh start for a new venture. Of course, maybe your current accountants are just no good.

Whatever the reasons to change, here are three things to consider.

1. Always look for qualified accountants

Always choose chartered accountancy firms over their unqualified counterparts. Only chartered accountants have the background and credentials to truly support your business. More specifically, for instance, they can help you formulate a sensible business plan and decide on the right trading structure.

Alternatively, if you're already in business, they can provide unparalleled financial advice on everything from venture capital to the best accounting software.

2. Be selective when it comes to experience
Whether you're looking for tax planning accountants in particular or business advice in general, always favour those with sector-specific experience. Depending on your line of work, HMRC rules and other regulations can be complex. Put simply, it pays to have an accountant who's dealt with them all before.

3. Choose local accountants
Experienced, qualified small business accountants in London are worth their weight in gold (in a manner of speaking!), and it's even better when they're local.

Cloud accounting might be here to stay, but there's still no substitute for meeting face to face. Even if you don't meet up often, simply having the option there implies mutual trust and respect. And of course when you do need to meet, they'll just be round the corner.

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