Some Tips on Starting Your Own Electrical Services Business

Starting any business involves significant risk. You've probably read the statistics that say that almost half of all new business startups flop within five years. Succeeding at starting an electrical services business involves more than just top-notch business skills: it requires excellent organizational, marketing, finance, planning, and of course - electrical skills. However, if you have these skills but don't have enough experience, you may be wondering where you should start. This article offers a few tips and advice for getting started with this exciting yet potentially risky field.

Establish Your Goals
Before you even open up for business, you'll need to work out WHY you're starting this business. Is it a lifestyle business, where you're happy to be a "one man band" electrician and earn enough to pay the bills and save some money at the same time? Or are you looking to grow it into a much bigger enterprise? Your ultimate goal will influence the next steps your business has to go through.

Start Small
Whether you want to grow your business into something big, or stay will always start small! If you're planning to start out working from home, consider setting up a garage or work space to house your tools and equipment. While it might seem inconvenient, it will save you money on office rental and startup fees for your home office. Once you have a steady location for your electrician business, you can then consider leasing an office space. All your tools and equipment will still be keeping in your garage/workplace, allowing you the freedom to work around your schedule, not worry about commuting and not have to worry about broken equipment.

Getting the Word Out There
The efficacy of how you advertise your business will have a massive influence on whether it becomes a success or a failure. In an ideal world, you'd never need to advertise your business if you were extremely good at your job. In the real world, nobody knows how good you are (not when you first start out). They don't even know you exist without advertising and marketing! So you have to consider things like online marketing - paying for Google and Facebook ads for local keywords, asking your customers for testimonials as "proof of expertise" that future prospective customers can read. Of course, your expertise will, over time, bring you "word of mouth marketing" - where you're recommended by your customer base to new customers. However, it simply takes time to get to that point. And before you get to that point, you will need to aggressively market your business through several different channels.

Hiring Employees
As your business grows, you will probably find yourself hitting a limit on how many jobs you can do in any given week. And so you will need to hire another electrician to allow your business to grow. As with many careers, becoming an electrician requires that you undergo a number of training and examinations. It's important to ensure that your prospective electrician receives the proper training and education in order to qualify for state certification. Also be sure to choose an electrician with a strong work ethic. You often have to "read between the lines" of CV or what's said in an interview to identify this. Most electrical services companies require all of their electricians to pass a background check, drug test, as well as several other background checks that are specific to their industry.

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