Some Tips on Promoting Your Trades Business

It doesn't matter if you're a plumber, electrician, roofer, tiler or all-round builder, the marketing and advertising of your business will greatly influence whether it's a success or failure. You could be the best roofer in your local area, but relying soley on word-of-mouth recommendations just means you're missing out on other ways to win new business. This article will look at some of the "low hanging fruit" ways to get your services advertised to prospective new customers.

Develop Your Own Personal Brand
This isn't so much done with slogans and logos, but developing a personality on your website and social media channels. You can do this by showcasing some case study jobs you've carried out - talk about the challenges of the job and how you overcame them. So few trades companies actually bother to do this, it's actually quite easy to develop a unique voice in your niche.

Use Business Cards
Many see these as "old fashioned", but providing a trade service, you will meet a lot of people face-to-face, and a lot of people still use business cards. Aside from boosting your professional image, business cards can also help you attain greater market penetration as there's still a large market out there that don't use social media - they are more likely to get out your business card when they talk about your services and recommend you to others so they can make a note of your number.

Hire a PPC company
Hiring a PPC company can save you a fortune in the cost per click of your internet ads. Pay attention to what they're doing, because in the future, you will be able to run your own ad campaigns...consider it an education.

Start a YouTube Channel
As mentioned earlier, people like to see the personality behind the company. It builds a lot of trust. I never made a tradesperson who got into his or her line of work just for the money. There's usually some intrinsic reason why they chose to be a plumber or a roofer. YouTube videos explaining how you work, the problems you face, how you over come them, what types of jobs you enjoy doing - it makes you stand out from the typical trades business.

With the right marketing tips and tricks, you are sure to be able to get into markets that were previously unavailable to you.

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