Some Things You Need to Consider Before Your Office Relocation

There are number of issues to look at when relocating your office. This article will look at the key issues you should plan for. This is far from being an exhaustive list, so please research further than beyond this article alone if you are considering an office move.

How easy is the new office to get to?
This is something that is absolutely vital to establish before you sign any contracts. If the new office snags a lot of your staff in longer traffic jams than your current location, it's surely a dealbreaker. You don't want staff turning up later and feeling more miserable due to longer commutes. You have to research this with your own experience of driving there in the morning and leaving the location during the evening rush hour. Conversely, if it's easier and quicker than your current location, that's a massive pluspoint for making the move.

Size matters
Are you moving to scale up or downsize? If so, you STILL have to allow for more staff (in either scaling up OR down). Plans change, and moving to an office that only fits your current staff numbers really limits your options.

What data is kept locally, and what is stored "in the cloud"?
Some companies use an intranet system, meaning they may be storing data locally on an office server. If so, then you'll need to figure on how big an impact the downtime of this server will give your business. Maybe the data can be moved online some telecommuters can access it from another server.

Hire a business with experience in commercial relocations
Such experts can not only help with your move, but also give you a checklist of things you need to consider before carrying out the move - a more thorough list than this article can provide. They will have experience with moving IT equipment, they will be planning the best way to minimise downtime for your business, and the fastest way to get your operations back to normal in the new office. In fact, many businesses that help with relocation also help with storage. You might find that they can help store a lot of your obsolete equipment/archives of records to free up office space.

Will the new office be an improvement on your current office's environment? It SHOULD be - because improving the office environment will give you more productive, happier employees. An office move should have the goal of "improved office environment" at the top of the requirements list. It's a wasted opportunity otherwise.

Moving office is a big undertaking. If I could highlight just one of the above points as the most important, it would be to hire professionals who have experience with office moves. Why? Because they will give you your moving plan in the first place. They will tell you what to consider. Having said that, nobody knows your business better than you. You will have to ensure that you have forgotten nothing during the move to avoid unnessary downtime.

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