Some Office Interior Design Tips to Help Your Employees Be More Productive and Happy

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Interior design is not merely painting or designing of an office, but it can help your worker's state of mind. It involves very complex elements, such as lighting, furniture, colours, textures, materials, and structures. Designing or decorating an office without a good plan is like baking or cooking without a recipe: it can often result in disaster: employees becoming irritated by bright lighting, distracted by echoing noise or too much activity in their field of view. So, to save you from frustration and the possibility of suffering an office calamity, we have compiled some simple interior design tips and dos. These tips are divided into three categories:

Natural Materials
It's counter-intuitive, but true nonetheless: your employees feel more at ease amongst natural materials (or at least, natural looking materials). Wooden furniture, exposed brick, views to the outside world (affording the office natural light at the same time). Contrast this with offices that do not even consider nature at all: windowless, stark, perfunctory. Prisons look like this. They demoralise and depress people. You want the best from your workers, right? Then give them a more natural environment to work in.

Keep the Colours Light
Colour is one of the most important parts of designing your office. When choosing the colour, think about the mood that you want to create. Keep the walls and ceiling light. If you want vivid colours, punctuate the office with small items that have bright colours, such as table lamps and telephones. If you go crazy with colours, you're just going to distract and annoy your employees.

Natural Light
Natural light both soothes and invigorates humans. Our natural cicadian rhythm uses natural light to keep our time of the day. Ensure your offices are bathed in natural light throughout the day. Of course, take into account the angle of the sun and computer screens. Lay out the desks so that your employees aren't struggling with angled sunlight. You can use sheer curtains that let in the light while removing the sun's glare (and giving your employees privacy too).

Keep it Quiet!
It's an office, so noise is expected, but there are measures you can take to minimise external noise for each employee. Carpet the flooring to keep the footfall noise down. Soundproof your walls between departments. If hot-desking is a possibility, make one room a "no noise room" where employees can go and work there if they require extra concentration.

These are just some interior design tips to help maximise your employee's productivity and happiness.

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