Should You Relocate Your Office?

You have an office with let's say, seven employees. Things are going OK, but you've noticed there's a number of "snags" that the office location causes - such as traffic issues in the morning, and perhaps a lack of space now the company has grown somewhat.

Should you relocate or stay where you are?

There are two opposing views, which both have their advantages and disadvantages. The first view suggests that it is better to stay where you are; the second view argues that it may be better to move elsewhere.

Both sides can be explained rather easily. The first view suggests that it is better to stay where you live, because you and your employees are used to your current office's location, and everything is familiar there. This familiarity facilitates a sense of security and reliability.

However, the second view is that it may be better to relocate the office elsewhere because you can solve all the oustanding issues that your current office location suffers from since you have the freedom to choose a location that doesn't have these issues (the new location can have more space, less traffic problems etc).

Moreover, a relocation enables you to learn something new and develop your character with experiences of a different nature.

Having said that, remaining where you are has the advantage of familiarity and zero disruption. Your business can function as it is, albeit with its "snags", but it will function predictably. A relocation will inevitably mean some downtime - perhaps from a day to a full week - and then you MAYhave to deal with unknown, unpredicted issues that arise once you move in.

The best suggestion I have is to discuss this with your employees in an open meeting. They can shed more light on the frustrations they are experiencing with the current office location, and maybe suggest ideas for a new location. You may even find that after such a meeting, an office move is not really necessary at this point in time.

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