Questions to Ask Event Organisers During Initial Discussions

You need help from event organisers since they know what to do. Some of them have worked with various events in the past. Regardless of the nature of the event that you intend to host, these organisers are experts and will deliver.

The first thing to do is discuss your plans with them. You can have an initial consultation to know if you will proceed with your partnership or if you need other options. During the discussion, these are some questions you need to consider.

What experiences do you have in event organising?
You need to know what the organiser did in the past to ensure that you will receive quality assistance. If the organiser is an expert in hosting concerts and other significant events, but you are planning an intimate gathering among family members, it might not be a perfect fit. If you are hosting major events, you need to ask the organisers about some of the significant events hosted in the past.

Do you have a team?
You cannot rely on one person alone to do the entire task. It could be overwhelming, especially if it involves a huge crowd. You want to work with a team that will help you get through all the details. Even a reliable and experienced organiser could get overwhelmed when there are too many things to finish and time is running out.

How much do you charge for the services?
You also need to ask about the cost of the services and make this part clear right from the start. You need to clarify if the rate is inclusive of the equipment and other supplies, or there are other separate charges. Some of these organisers can also help connect you with an audio visual equipment supplier and other resources you need for the event, or they can do the job themselves. It is easy to set the budget when you have an estimate of the possible expenses.

What do you do if things do not happen as expected?
When you plan for events, you need to have a backup. You cannot expect that everything will happen according to plan. You also need to ask the organiser the same question. You want to know that if their initial plan does not work, they have something else in store; otherwise, they will panic, and it will hurt the entire event.

How flexible are you?

Some organisers already have a vision of what will happen if you ask them to host the event. However, you need to make it clear that it will still be your vision or that of your group that will prevail. If they insist on what they want, you will have problems along the way. Therefore, you need to clarify if the organising team is flexible enough. You do not want to keep fighting once the process begins because you have different ideas.

You will know if you are with the right company during the discussion. If you do not feel comfortable, you can look for other options.

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