Outdoor Sign Ideas

Choosing the right sign for whatever it's purpose can be difficult but coming up with the right ideas can be even harder. When brainstorming, it is important that you have the right inspiration in front of you; this can make the difference between a good sign and a great sign. Finding something that inspires you can spark all sorts of new and creative ideas, enabling new ways to deliver whatever message you're trying to send.

Clear Message
Firstly, it is important that you know what message you want the customer to receive; this will be the foundation for your ideas. Once you have decided what you want to say, you can then begin to think of different ways of delivering this message; how are you going to make your sign stand out from the rest? The choice of colours, imagery and text is key when designing your sign, it's important that you think carefully about where you place these and how much you want to show; for example if a sign has too much text it begins to look cluttered and too busy, therefore losing its effect.

Design & Font

Another thing to consider when thinking about the text on your sign is the font size and style, this is because you want all of the aspects of your sign to be relatable to the company, so keeping the font style as close to your logo as you can is necessary. This is important to reinforcing your brand. It is also important that you make sure there aren't too many different font styles on the same sign, once again this can just look confusing to the customer which is off-putting.

Keep It Simple
Something else to take into account when brainstorming ideas for your sign is the information it will contain. Having too much information can make it hard for the customer to pick out what you're trying to say, meaning your main message could be lost within other text that isn't so relevant; by just using necessary information in your sign, you're eliminating this risk.

According to Jamie from Street in Leeds - "The environment in which your sign will be is also a very important factor that requires a lot of consideration, for example if you place your sign in a busy area, how are you going to make yours stand out from the competition". However, if you choose a quieter area there is a risk that very few will see it.

As mentioned before, the choice of colours you use requires a lot of thought as these are the colours that will be representing your company and will be the first thing the customer sees. Using bold colours such as yellow, red, blue, etc. are more likely to grab attention than blander colours such as beige or grey; however, it is important that you don't use too many bold colours otherwise it may begin to look "tacky" and unprofessional.

These are just a few tips to consider when thinking of new signage ideas. How can you deliver your message in the most effective way possible? If you keep referring to this question when designing your sign, it will be a success.

Article kindly provided by dockstreetsigns.co.uk

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