Office Environment: the Tree Overlooking Our Office

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The tree overlooking our office was loved by everyone in our business. It was our big natural friend that we could look up to when we had a quiet cigarette or just wanted to get away from the office environment. On particularly stressful occasions, we would all agree to go outr and give the tree a big was actually therapeutic, and since we all did it, nobody could be singled out as being "crazy". I don't actually think it's crazy anyway - it's just a way to get away from the unnatural environs of the office and "touch base" (to use the office vernacular) with nature.

However, even nature sometimes needs taming. After a particularly bad storm, it was pointed out that some of the tree's branches were getting rather intimate with the office building. These were huge branches that could do some real damage to the office, with the potential for injury or even death if these branches were to come crashing down.

We had not idea whether this meant cutting the whole tree down, or whether just some branches could be "pruned" back. Tree surgeons came around and we were given the good news - the tree just needed a trim, it wasn't going to be "put down". The branches were cut, and the danger was eliminated.

Having said that, I miss the shade the branches provided. We've had to install blinds into the office to provide the shade the branches once did. The tree surgeons did say it's possible that new buds can form to create new branches over the years ahead.

We gave the tree a hug as a way of saying sorry, but we're glad it's still our friendly neighbour.

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