How the Packaging of Your Product Influences the Buying Decisions of Your Target Market

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Did you know that a lot of buying decisions consumers make are based on the product's packaging? About a third of consumer buying decisions are due to the packaging of a product. Since this is the case, you should really put a lot of thought into your product's packaging. But you probably already know this. You may also know that there are key factors which affect the effectiveness of a product's packaging, from the colours used to the brand icons to overall attractiveness. So how do you make sure that your target market is sufficiently attracted to your product and will purchase it? Do you understand how the packaging of your product influences the buying decisions of your target market? Here's what you should know.

The first impression
First impressions are truly significant. Imagine, a consumer will take only 7 seconds before they form an impression about a product based on its packaging. What's more, the impression made about a product is also based on the subconscious of the consumer - it's not something they are truly aware of. You have to be able to reach into your consumers" subconscious and draw out what they want and expect from your product - and its packaging.

The convenience it brings
Consumers are quick with their decision-making when it comes to buying different products from the shelves - and you have to make sure that your product is conveniently and efficiently packaged in order to strike a chord. If a product doesn't look particularly convenient to use or consume, consumers will not be likely to purchase it, and this has been confirmed by packaging industry market research groups like Consumers have to see right away that your product is convenient - easy to use, and easy to dispose of.

The brand appeal
If you have a company logo (and what company doesn't?) you have to make sure that your logo - especially if it is easily recognisable - is prominently displayed. If your logo is already known, this can even awaken positive reactions and emotions in your consumers, even if your product is entirely new. If you are lucky enough to have a long-term relationship with your consumers, you have to optimise this, especially when introducing a new product in the market.

The attraction

Of course, attractive packaging still matters. A lot of consumers will spend time looking at attractive packaging, thereby influencing their buying decision in the end. The aesthetic appeal of your packaging makes a difference, and this includes aspects such as typography, colour, and more. Here are some more figures that may surprise you: in a study conducted in 2014, around 52% of consumers said they would buy a product again if it comes in premium, high quality packaging. So, does your packaging fit the bill?

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