How Will Your Business Operate Post-Covid-19?

In this post-Covid-19 world, there are a number of concerns and opportunities. Let's take a look at these opportunities open to business owners who have been given a "licence" by the coronavirus to experiment with their business. I say "licence" because there's never been a time in history where the entire world has essentially been operating on a "needs must" basis as it has in 2020. We've all been thrown into unknown territory, and it has allowed us to try things we wouldn't dare try before. This article will address a few of those:-

Working from home
This is perhaps the biggest change that most people have experienced. Many people nowadays work with computers via the internet. This allows them to technically be able to work anywhere. And with social distancing measures in place, companies have HAD to implement a "work from home" policy to many of its staff. Of course, it's been possible to work from home for many years now, but there was a reticence by many business owners to allow this. A sense of not being able to properly manage staff is an often-cited reason why they didn't encourage remote working. Since Covid-19 though, they had little choice. And by and large, it's worked very well. Many workers are delighted in the amount of time and money they have saved by working from home.

Zoom meetings save money for international business meetings
With flight restrictions and hotels closed, international business travel has been practically eliminated for much of 2020. This has meant that meetings have had to take place via the internet. Yet again, a lot of time and money has been saved this way. Will businesses that see these savings revert back to how they used to conduct meetings when restrictions are lifted? I think many won't - why would they? Their hand was forced in terms of changing how they worked - they can use this change to their advantage and get things done quicker and cheaper.

A new "needs must" philosophy
When you are focusing more on surviving rather than thriving, you just care about what works. I think this style of thinking can - perhaps ironically - be used at all times to help you thrive in the longer term. Adopting new ways of working tha save time and money are going to be the "go to" methods of conducting business. We've already heard companies like Twitter will adopt remote working on a permanent basis. They are doing this to be as competitive as possible.

Will I even need a car?!
Yes, of course you will. There will be many tasks like shopping, visting friends, simply travelling...that will require a car. I predict that driving will become more pleasurable with less cars on the road at any given time, and the hopeful death of the "rush hour" will open our roads again so that we can get from A to B faster than ever before.

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"As a small business owner, I have noticed a significant change in how we operate due to the pandemic. We have been forced to adapt quickly and find new ways to meet customer demands. For example, we expanded our online presence and started offering curbside pickup and delivery services. This has allowed us to stay afloat and keep our employees working. I believe that these changes will stick even after the pandemic is over, as customers have come to appreciate the convenience. However, I do worry about the lasting effects on our local economy and the small businesses that were not able to pivot and adapt as easily. I hope that moving forward, we can find ways to support one another and rebuild what was lost during this difficult time.
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"As someone who works in a large corporation, I have seen firsthand the impact of Covid-19 on our daily operations. Our team has been working remotely for over a year now, and while it took some time to adjust, I must say the flexibility has been invaluable. I've been able to spend more time with my family, focus on my health, and even save money on commuting costs. I've heard rumors that once this is all over, our company may consider allowing employees to continue working from home if they choose to. Personally, I think this would be a great option, as it has allowed for a better work-life balance and increased productivity.
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"As a teacher, I have had to adapt to teaching remotely during the pandemic. It has been a challenging experience, but I have also learned a lot about technology and the importance of staying connected with my students. I believe that moving forward, the education system will need to invest in more resources for remote learning. So many of our schools were unprepared for this sudden shift, and it caused a lot of unnecessary stress for teachers, students, and parents alike. We need to ensure that all children have access to quality education, regardless of their circumstances. I hope that this experience will serve as a wake-up call for the importance of investing in our schools and supporting our educators.
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"I work in a local restaurant, and it has been incredibly challenging to operate during Covid-19. The restrictions on indoor dining and the constant changes in regulations made it difficult for us to plan and provide consistent service. We had to think creatively and adapt to offering takeout and delivery services to stay in business. I think moving forward, the restaurant industry will have to be more flexible and prepared for unexpected changes. It's been a tough lesson, but I believe it has made us stronger as a team and more resilient in the long run.
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