How We Made Our Office Space More Productive

We had carpets fitted into our offices to simply make it quieter! Previously the wooden floor boards made such a racket - to the extent it was distracting to both our programmers and designers. It's understandable - work that requires deep concentration also requires a quiet office.

And so we installed carpets to the entire office space. Moreoever, these weren't the regular office carpet tiles you might be thinking off. No, these were rolled carpets - the type you'd find in a regular home. The decision was made to make the office look a little friendlier - so out went the stiplighting, in went spotlights...and rolled carpet covered the harsh wooden floorboards beneath. We even replaced the old noisy photocopier with a modern, almost-silent one. Our meeting room was sound-proofed, and it became the de facto "noise room" where people could have a break and a chat with one another.

So, the office took on a much cosier look. Some might think that this is all rather unprofessional - surely offices should ...look like offices, not like someone's living room! However, many of our visiting clients complimented the softer furnishings, and some even wished their offices could look like ours. It's actually quite funny really - we've always made decisions based on common sense, and making an office that was more conducive to productivity definitely fell well inside the bounds of "common sense" - and when we explained such reasoning to clients, they themselves agreed it was rather sensible! The lesson here is - design your office to maximise productivity - there is no identikit office design to follow.

That being said, thick carpets do attract stains. And ours were no exception. The carpets collected coffee and tea stains to the extent that one person joked that the carpeting seemed to have a caffeine problem. This became unsightly when clients visited - rather embarrassing.

The only solution was to have them professionally cleaned on a monthly basis. It is a small price to pay to keep our office space looking professional AND productive.

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