How Power BI Can Support Your Business

Spreadsheets obviously have their uses, but let's face it - they don't help you visualise datasets very well. For those who want to get a quick visualisation of what a list of numbers represent, Power BI is for you.

Power BI contains a collection of applications that can be used either on desktop computer, as a SaaS system or on a mobile device. Power BI Desktop is the on-premises version, Power BI Service is the cloud-based offering and also mobile Power BI operates on mobile phones.

The different parts of Power BI are indicated to allow individuals develop and also share service insights in a manner that fits with their function.

Power BI Desktop is where analysts and also other users can produce information connections, data versions and also records. The Power BI service is where those reports can be shared, so various other users can view as well as connect with the records.

Developing a Power BI record starts by connecting information sources. Users then develop reports based on their needs. The report is released to the Power BI Service and shared so cloud and mobile customers can see and also communicate with the record. Permissions can be added to give coworkers the capability to modify reports or create dashboards or restrict their ability to edit.

So what can it be used for? There are many types of real world uses Power BI can be used for:-
  • visualising financial expenditure
  • visualising movement of customer base
  • visualising profit / loss
  • visualising customer footfall versus sales
  • visualising employee expenses trends
  • visualising sales trends
There are many ways to turn a boring spreadsheet into something visual via Power BI. The limits to the tool really come down to what kinds of reports management are looking to create.

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