How Do you Trace Someone to a Specific Address in 2017?

The internet is now over 20 years old, so most young people have grown up not knowing a world without the internet. This is the supposed age of connectivity, where we can find out what any of our old friends are up to quite easily, right?

Well, that's a bit of a myth. Sure, Facebook is the "go to" platform to look for some old acquaintance or friend. Chances are they have a Facebook account. However, the problem is that people tend to share news stories and cute kitten photos than actually update their friends on their own life. You might be able to "friend" them, but they might not notice you, and few people give their mobile number on any platform. Not only that, but there's an estimated 10 to 20 million Facebook users that have since died since they signed up to the platform, yet their profile is still online. In fact, according to one report, assuming that the number of users of Facebook flatlines, by 2098 there will be more dead people's profiles on Facebook than alive ones!

The point is this: the public-facing internet is not as a very reliable source to TRULY trace someone - i.e. trace their specific address. You will need to hire for this kind of task. Such companies have a larger toolset than merely a Google search engine to find someone. They also have the experience, and know what clues and signs to look for that identify a particular person. The truly confident tracers will often give a guarantee - "no find, no fee". If you truly need to locate someone down to a specific address, these are the companies to consider hiring.

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