End of Tenancy Matters to Consider When Your Business Utilises a Rented Office Space

If there's one thing I've learned in my many years cleaning commercial properties, it's that a landlord is far more aware of the condition of the property at the time just before a tenant moves in...than the tenant is. At move-in-time, the tenant has other things on their mind than taking photos of every room prior to moving in properly. They have to get their business operational ASAP, and aren't usually concerned with whenever the time comes to move out.

However, when it comes to move-out-time, the tenant often start to panic. They start worrying about their deposit and making sure they get it back. The average tenant is not a professional cleaner, nor has the tools a professional cleaner has. And so, their efforts to clean the property are often insufficient. The letting agent and landlord combined can quickly find faults in the property on the final inspection, and the tenant can lose a decent amount of their deposit in the process. That's the last thing a business needs when it's moving out of a premises.

If you are a tenant moving out, it's better to hire a professional cleaning company to go through the entire property once you've moved all your items out of the property. They know what to look for, have the experience and the right tools for the job. And of course, it becomes a business cost - which helps reduce your tax total!

Some might argue that it doesn't matter - the money you lose on your deposit is simply the cost of the landlord paying for a professional cleaning company, so let the landlord do it anyway. A company may be too burdened with simply running their own business. Well, in my experience, almost every time this happens, the tenant pays a premium on giving the landlord the responsibility of sorting out the cleaning of the property. Why waste money when a professional cleaning company is just a phone call away? Moreover, as mentioned earlier, if your business pays for the cleaning, it reduces the taxable profit your company is liable to pay - saving you money.

One more piece of advice - make sure the cleaning company you hire specialises in end-of-tenancy cleaning. They know what to look for!

Article kindly provided by endoftenancycleaninginguildford.co.uk

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