Effective Signs Design

Signs are one of the most important elements when marketing a business. Whether they're at the entrance to a building or announcing an event, they're often the first thing that customers see. Therefore, it's important that you use them to make a good and lasting first impression. How can you ensure you create an effective sign?

Make It Visible
When you're working with sign makers, you need to make sure that your sign will be easily visible from its intended location. Consider where it's going to be placed and anything that might be in the line of sight. This will help you to determine the correct size for the sign and have an impact on the overall design. effective sign must be read easily and as you'll only have seconds in which to make an impact. By using borders you can help make it easier for people to read, as they draw attention to the message.

Keep It Clear
It's vital that your is readable, so you need to concentrate on the layout, spacing and use of colours. Try to keep the amount of wording to a minimum and stick with what's the most important. For example, for a business sign it may be sufficient to just include the name and logo. Don't be tempted to start filling all the empty space. More readable signs consist of around 30-40% of white space. The use of colours and bold graphics can also have an impact on how clear the sign is. These can be used to emphasise key words and phrases to help them stand out.

Signs Need to Be will work with you to ensure that your sign is easily noticed from a distance. It needs to stand out from the background and this can be achieved by the use of contrasting colours, sections that can be changed and movement, as well as by creating a unique design that truly attracts attention. Using too many colours can make the sign overpowering. However, too few can appear boring. The colours should contrast well, so make sure they're not too similar. Black text works best on lighter colours and white text with darker shades.

Clean and Simple
Your choice of fonts can have a big impact on how legible the sign is. You should use no more than two different ones and make sure they complement each other. They need to be clean, not too fussy and easy to read from a distance. Text that is a mixture of both upper and lower case is the easiest to read.

The overall sign design must be both noticeable and memorable. If you've followed the process correctly, then the final product should be an effective marketing tool for your business. It needs to attract the attention of customers and passers-by and make them want to look. The more it grabs their interest, the greater the chances are of people recalling the information at a later date.

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