Disabled Lifts - Bringing Accessibility to All

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With a necessity when it comes to providing access which is inclusive to all, a number of high profile buildings have had excellent examples installed, taking advantage of the huge choice available.

No longer simply a functional moving platform, disabled lifts come in a variety of styles from basic designs right through to the luxurious. Incorporating a range of modern materials and displaying elements of quality, style and design, disabled lifts can now become a focal point in their own right.

Disabled people need access to the same facilities as able bodied people and that means there is a huge demand for retail units, restaurants, entertainment venues and leisure facilities to provide access which adheres to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) legislation, but also remains sympathetic to the building itself.

The basic function and mechanics may remain the same but the facades can vary hugely, with lifts being designed around the age of a building. A listed building may require a conservative design, whereas a modern building may opt for something a little more unusual. At the heart of all disabled lifts is a fundamental requirement for functionality and safety, but when it comes to the aesthetics there are no limits to the possibilities.

One exclusive retail premises which opted for a very stylish solution was Hugo Boss, insisting on something ultra-modern for its Sloane Square flagship store. Incorporating stainless steel with a glazed finish, the lift installation needed to be carefully planned, working around architectural constraints. Despite the obstacles though, the finished product is smart, contemporary and now a talking point at the store.

Another example with something to shout about is the lift installations at famous London nightclub, the Hippodrome. Dating to 1900 this impressive building is home to a restaurant, casino and theatre and so required disabled lifts which fitted in well. With several options the star of the show is the main lift which is discreet yet takes some of its inspiration and surround from the original 1930's ornamental design.

With so many attractive options available, there is something to suit every type of building regardless of its unique purpose or heritage and equally there are plenty of options within a range of different budget constraints. From simplistic models to lavish feature lifts, it's possible to make almost any building inclusive without compromising on the overall look and effect.

Article kindly provided by platformliftco.co.uk