Choosing the Right Business Gifts

Corporate gifts can be a bit of a minefield, as they fall into a bit of a grey area between strictly professional and a little bit personal. While you want to keep things businesslike and above board, a little thoughtfulness goes a long way - and injecting some personality into a gift will make clients, customers, suppliers and other business contacts remember and appreciate you and your company.

Finding cool business gift ideas and personalised corporate gifts is our specialty, so we have put together a few tips to guide you in your present purchasing endeavours.

Choosing a business gift for men
When searching out unique business gifts for male clients and connections, we suggest taking a practical route. Giving them something subtly branded that they will use often will keep your company at the forefront of their minds, a valuable bit of mental real estate. Whether it's a simple but quality pen or something bigger, make sure your for is something with your name on it that they will pick up frequently.

Choosing a business gift for women

Thoughtfulness is key when choosing business gift ideas for female business connections, as a present that is perfectly picked and relevant to them or their company will contribute to a positive relationship. So, take a look at some of the more unique corporate gifts and get your brain in gear to decide what will tickle their fancy. It might be something delicious and edible, something to share amongst their team a useful gift which speaks to their business mission, or even an experience like a private or spa treatment.

Corporate Christmas gift ideas
There is a longstanding tradition of corporate Christmas gifts, which injects some fun into the office during the festive season and allows businesses to thank each other for their custom and strengthen vital relationships with some cheer and goodwill. Business gifts which can be shared amongst the entire team you work with are a great way to include everyone, and a food hamper, cake or other other edible item is a good idea for this. For small teams, you might want to send something small and thoughtful to each person. In New Zealand, think of the summer to come when picking presents - a pool float or a beach towel with your logo could be a memorable gift that will get a lot of use.

Make corporate gifts quality

Whichever corporate gift idea you decide on, we suggest you take quality into consideration, and prioritise it over quantity. This especially applies to anything that is branded with your logo, as you are putting your name to that present, and people will associate it with you. If the budget doesn't allow for premium gifts for all, it's better to choose a few key clients to present with high quality goods rather than sending out boxes of cheap tat which will immediately break. Elegant metal drink bottles over plastic ones is a good example of this, or useful and sturdy branded USB drives rather than bargain box plastic pens.

Acknowledge other occasions

Corporate gifts don't have to be reserved for Christmas - a well-timed present to thank a supplier, client or contractor for particular contributions, help or hard work on a project is a great way to get them thinking positively about you. Something indulgent like a hamper or luxury item is ideal for these business gifts.

As with all things in life, putting thought and care into choosing corporate gifts is the way to ensure the best results. Take into consideration our tips, think about the personalities and missions of those you are buying for, and you'll strengthen business relationships and foster goodwill for your organisation.

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