Business Travel Tips

For many people, business travel can be nothing more than a tedious and lonely necessity of a job. However, it does not have to be. Try these business travel tips to convert your next trip into a more enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Before You Go
Investigate where you are going and find out some of the best places to stay, where to eat, and what there is to see and do if you have downtime. Better still go a couple of days early, take some tours, visit a spa, and start the conference or meeting refreshed and revitalised. Take advantage of apps like Btrfly which puts business travellers who will be attending the same venue in contact. You can arrange to share airport taxis, become acquainted and pick up some business travel hotel tips.

Business Travel Packing Tips
If it's a short stay, try to pack everything into your hand luggage to avoid long waits in the airport. If you are checking a bag, still have in your carry-on a complete business outfit so you can get to the first meeting appropriately dressed, even if your luggage is delayed. Pack heavier stuff at the bottom of your case and choose fabrics which don't get wrinkled easily. Plan your wardrobe beforehand and have a colour scheme so you can combine different clothes for different occasions. Air travel and changing climates can be hard on the skin so make sure you include an easy to pack regime to keep you looking good. Pack all creams, gels and liquids into a well-sealed plastic bag to avoid any accidents. Many business travellers make travel easier using the services offered by apps like Dufl and AirPortr to take care of their bags for them.

International Travel Tips
Before heading to the airport, double check that you have all your necessary documentation with you. This might seem obvious, but more than one business traveller has missed his flight due to a missing visa or a lacking passport. Use the time at the airport before flying to double-check your bookings. Whether booking a hotel room, train tickets, or a hire in New Norway or Nigeria, you should be able to check your booking online to ensure that everything is in order.

On the Flight
Make use of those long hours catching up on chores. Knowing you have several uninterrupted hours at your disposal means you can plan to do something on your laptop that keeps getting put off with your normal busy schedule. Spreadsheets or future planning will make those hours pass in a productive way. Keep your alcohol consumption to a glass of wine with your meal, drinking on a flight is a sure way not to arrive at your best!

Stick to Your Routine
Maintain a healthy diet, don't be tempted with the convenience of fast junk food. Get up early and make use of the and fitness at your hotel's gym and swimming pool. There's nothing better than exercise to sharpen your attention and boost your energy for a long day of meetings, but, don't overindulge in the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, afterwards. Frequently business trips can include an excess of rich and unusual foods and lots of alcohol. So, take it easy, and remember you're not obliged to eat in the hotel restaurant. Why not take an evening stroll around the neighbourhood and enjoy a good home-style meal where the locals are dining?

Keep in Touch
For the business traveller communicating with friends and family with apps like WhatsApp can help to avoid loneliness and prevent stress and worrying. You can even keep tabs on your business and have access to powerful office equipment from a simple laptop by using applications like Chrome Remote Desktop.

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