A Primer on Public Relations in the Internet Age

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Unarguably the greatest change in how companies operate today is in public relations. Whereas before a corporation would rely on printed publications, now we have the internet. And so this too has impacted on how companies conduct public relations. Now that blogging has become popular, suddenly we're perusing friendly updates straight from CEOs instead of the usual finespun, formal editorials usually found in their monthly publication. Also we're getting more updates from companies too, as websites are constantly updated. Corporations are also using microblogging sites like Twitter.

Not only that, but the web has made communication far less passive and far more engaged. Now those surfing the net effectively vote for your advertisement by clicking it, or sign up to your mailing list, or enquire immediately to you using your online forms. We also understand a lot more about target demographics because of the trail of clicks they leave behind with their activity. Consequently it's vital that an organization can react to the responses provided by their website visitors and frame their marketing messages accordingly.

With such dramatic changes, does it mean organizations have more opportunity to command how the public views them? Without doubt it does! Business organizations are now setting aside more and more time on public relations, as a lot more new opportunities have opened up with technological advances. With that added opportunity however, there is the elevated opportunity of making errors too, and so our advice is to hire a public relations company to start with. Learn from them. For instance, how do they utilise all the new media that is now available? They have experience in knowing what works, and what isn't successful. They can quickly pinpoint your weaknesses and bolster your strengths in terms of your relationship with the public. A great place to get started with in terms of locating a PR company is online - you will be spoilt for choice, but always consider the reputation (via testimonials/reviews) of each PR business before deciding who to use.

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