7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Interlocking Flooring Tiles

Quick and easy to install

The first and most obvious advantage is the quick and easy install that interlocking floor tiles offer as a flooring solution. With just a few tools including a rubber mallet you can lay a loose lay interlocking floor in a matter of hours.

No damp proof membrane, screed or adhesives required

A loose lay interlocking system allows the floor to breathe and this means no need for damp proof membrane or adhesive. This can be a massive time and money saver. Some areas may have been closed off for longer to allow screeds to dry and laying membranes, interlocking systems mean less downtime.

Reduces dust and noise

This point in particular within a modern busy workplace offers massive benefits. With loud machinery and an emphasis on health and safety interlocking flooring PVC tiles notonly help to reduce dust due to its make up but also offer noise reduction with the PVC absorbing loud and forceful noises that may damage hearing or make the workplace unsafe.

Easy to clean and maintain

A clean and tidy workplace is a happy workspace, help organisation and down time with interlocking tiles which offer amazing cleaning qualities with easy to clean surfaces. With options such as PU coating available on interlocking floor tiles cleaning could not be easier. Industrial flooring option.

Warm - insulates the floor

Large open industrial spaces can be difficult to heat and in the winter months can be a grim thought for any worker. Interlocking PVC flooring offers an option that insulates the floor and helps to keep the workplace warm trapping the heat above and keeping the cool concrete floor trapped below.

Lower lifecycle cost

With a high warranty of 10 plus years on a lot of interlocking flooring systems they offer an excellent life cycle cost. As well as this if part of the floor was to get heavily damaged it would be a matter of lifting the affected tiles and replace them with a simple rubber mallet. Generally speaking most interlocking floor tiles offer heavy resistance to damage and scratching for extra peace of mind.

Reduces fatigue

Something that hadn't been noticed in the past was the effect that the flooring in the workplace can cause, bringing fatigue and damage can be caused by a decision such as choosing the right commercial flooring. The PVC compound and texture offers a shock absorber that can reduce fatigue and offer an easier working conditions for employees and help boost productivity.


Choosing the correct commercial and industrial flooring solution brings a difficult decision, after all once you cover your workshop or space and find out you made the wrong decision it is too late. Hopefully this article has offered an inside look at why choosing interlocking floor tiles is a good idea and the benefits it can offer. With many large brands including Amazon and Tesco moving to interlocking PVC tiles why not try them for your business flooring space.

Article kindly provided by r-tekmanufacturingltd.com

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