6 Start Up Marketing Tools Every Business Should Have

So, you have finally floated your small business. The next step is to get the word out about what your business is all about. To do this successfully, you have to devote time to building your brand while using some of the tools we have covered here to make the marketing process easier. What are these marketing tools?

A well-polished image and logo is a great way to grab attention towards your business. Devote time to the design of your logo and you will have a great marketing tool that can be placed on your business cards, stationery etc.

Creating a logo doesn't have to be costly, talk to other entrepreneurs or designers in your circle of influence. You will find someone that will gladly design a powerful logo for a fraction of the price often charged by the big name graphic design companies. The cost will be even cheaper if you have services that the designer needs.

Business cards
A great business card is arguably one of the most effective marketing tools you can ever have. Have a business card that is properly designed and filled with important information about your business. Don't make a business card that only holds your contact information or one that doesn't have good graphics.

According to Dean Williams, expert at "it is a good idea to have your contact information on the front and a list of your services and products at the back of your business card. The card must also be different and memorable otherwise your prospects will dump it few minutes after receipt".

A well designed website
Starting a business these days without a well-designed website in place is bad for business. A good business website must be well designed and helpful. You should also consider putting up a blog on the site. This will help you communicate better with your customers and show your prospects why they need your services. There are many why small businesses should have but one major benefit is it immediately boosts the image of your business.

A brochure
A brochure is very important for your business as it covers a variety of marketing needs. Imagine being in need of distribution materials at a show or material for people in need of basic information about your business. A brochure meets these needs. The brochure can be soft copy or in printed format and can either be coloured or in black and white. The key is to make sure it meets the needs of the recipient.

Branded clothing
This is another marketing tool that should be very high in your priority list. By wearing the name of your company or logo, you are bound to get people curious about what your business is about. A good idea is to have your logo in front and web address at the back. People will ask you what your business does and others will quickly log onto your website to have a look (another reason why you should have a website designed as early as possible).

Signature for your email
A signature created for marketing purposes must have your name, business name, contact information and web address neatly displayed. It should also feature announcements about seminars, books or newly launched products.

With these marketing tools, you are on your way to spreading the world about your business a lot better.

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