5 Ways to Reduce Office Waste

Office waste accumulates so very easily. You can find the office is suddenly cluttered with rubbish if you don't get on top of it. I've literally filled skips with office waste because I let it get out of control. Here are some tips to make your office space more minimal...and "greener" at the same time.

Give Out Promotional Items Only to People Who Have Talked to You
Have you ever received some promotional items from a company, and you think "I didn't really need this at all, and yet I feel bad for throwing it away"? It happens a lot. The business handing out these items think they're helping "get the message out there" but often these promotional items are just a nuisance for many receipients. A lot of businesses take a kind of indiscriminate approach which frankly leads to a LOT of waste. Therefore, you should hand these out in a discerning way. It will not only save on waste (from the recipient's end), it will save you money too.

Recycle Everything
This is actually a very good practice. Not only will you be able to avoid having to throw away items that don't fit in the trash, but it will also help out the environment. When you use recycled materials, you are reducing waste by fifty percent or more. Some options include reusing paper, plastic bottles, old cans, and metal.

Buy in Bulk
Sometimes stores will sell products at a discount if you buy them in bulk. Buying in bulk not only saves you money, it saves on packaging materials too! This works especially well if the items were purchased at the same time. Just check your local community center for information on what stores offer the best deals on things like paper, ink, and other supplies.

Limit Printing and Photocopying
Cutting out office waste is your opportunity to cut back on printing and photocopying. Instead of printing something so that everybody can read a report in a meeting, get a projector and share the report on a large screen.

Educate coworkers
Educating everybody in the office to be on the look out for waste will create a team that keeps the office waste down to a minimum. This makes for a happier working place since an uncluttered office makes each worker feel better.

Article kindly provided by skipsupplynetwork.co.uk

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