What are the Pain Points in Your Daily Workflow?

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This article is for the business owners out there - whether you're self-employed or employ a number of people. During every work day, there will be "pain points" - hold ups, snags, slow downs. These frustrate and disrupt the flow of work. These appear not only on a daily basis, but they might appear weekly or even monthly. Let me give you examples:-
  • work staff "clocking in" by punch card. Cards need to be created, issued, staff need to remember to punch in and punch out
  • accounts - manually collecting all payments made and payments received by the accounts department. This can take hours and even days in total (each month)
  • telesales and cold-calling - very time intensive, with much time wasted on irrelevant calls, the recipient of a call not being present etc
  • meetings - the classic timewaster! So many meetings are too long and too many people attending
  • Commuting! Traveling to and from work is an obvious "time sink" for most people
Let's look at each example and how these pain points can be eliminated through software solutions/technology.

Employee Attendance Recording

For many businesses, all employees are already using a piece of technology that records their start and end of work - a computer. In those cases, punch cards are made obsolete. Software can record their start and end of work, AND amount of work at the same time! Given that, the time needed to issue punch cards and the time required for employees to punch in, punch out, accounts having to collate and check them - are eliminated. Furthermore, you could offer incentives for employees to be more productive by rewarding productivity - since productivity can more accurately be recorded.

Collecting payments for accounting

If all payments are made electronically, software can read in all payments outgoing and incoming. Costs, revenue and profit can all be automatically calculated. Sure, there will be SOME clients paying by cheque and SOME costs made manually (not with the company credit card), but if most payments incoming and outgoing are paid through the company bank account, that data can be read by software that can do a lot of the accounting "donkey work" - including who paid, when they paid, how much they paid (for incoming), who were paid, when they were paid, how much they were paid (for outgoing).

Telesales and cold-calling

Software can tell you who you called, when you called, the result of the phone call, and when you need to call them back. Furthermore, at the click of a button, the telesales person can fire off a templated email to the person they spoke to as a follow-up to the call. Compare this to writing down notes for each call and having some physical filing system to keep on top of your prospects - it's a nightmare.


Software such as instant messaging and email can eliminate the need for many physical meetings. You can exchange information instantly using smartphones or computers instead of having to physically meet up.

Commuting times can be reduced

Telecommuters could work from home a few days a week to eliminate many wasted hours of commuting. Of course, there will always be a need to physically meet up and ensure everyone is "on the same page", but in many circumstances, employees do not need to travel to the office everyday. Technology can allow such workers to work from home.

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