10 Top Leaflet Distribution Tips To Supercharge Your Marketing

A well designed and thought out leaflet is a very powerful direct marketing opportunity. It can open many new doors to lots of new potential customers. Some of these customers you may not have reached with other forms of marketing otherwise.

Here are 10 top leaflet distribution tips to supercharge your marketing.

1. Work out first of all who your target audience is. This will be things like their age, their lifestyle, income etc. This will help you focus on what your 'ideal" customer would look for. Therefore, you can consider all these options when you design your leaflets.

2. Will the leaflets have a time sensitive date on them? This is an important point to think about. You will have to be aware of this when printing and distributing the leaflets. You will want to give your customers enough time to receive the leaflets and look properly at it.

3. Make your message clear on your leaflets. You will want to make the information bold and easy to read and not too much information. Keeping in mind though you will want your leaflets to also look professional, so people look closely at them and take notice.

4. Leaflets are a great way to give people discounts. Post a discount on your leaflet as this is a great way to get your customers to take notice of it. A sure way of enticing customers new and old to use the discount voucher. Also, it will encourage customers to use the discount. Be aware and once again if the discount is time sensitive give the customer plenty of time to use the discount and or voucher.

5. According to Alan from leaflet distribution company "First impressions of a leaflet are everything to your customers. They are the first impression of your company, the same as a receptionist is the first person to speak and greet your customers. So, make sure the leaflet is of great quality and professional looking. This needs to represent your company so first impressions are very important!"

6. Where leaflets are concerned size does matter. Use the relevant information only on your leaflets. This will make the customer want to buy or use your services, so do not overfill the leaflet with too much information. If the information stands out, your customer will read and take this in. Too much information and they will not read it all and probably forget most of it.

7. Sponsoring an event is a great way to promote your company too. Whether it is a local event or a charity. Putting this information on your leaflet is a sure way to get the customers taking notice of your company and what you do. People will start talking about the company that sponsors such an event therefore giving you more exposure.

8. Who is actually delivering your leaflets is a big and important question. Whether it is a distribution company or individuals, it is always better to have people that know the area and then all areas will be covered.

9. The final goal of the leaflets should be asked. Is it to promote yourself and your company or to give potential new and existing customers discount, or to receive more enquiries. Whatever the reason it is an important aspect to think about as you design your leaflets.

10. Always monitor your leaflet distribution campaigns. This can be done in various ways and getting feedback from customers is a great way to do this. You can also monitor your progress and see which leaflet campaign are the most successful.

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